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Late Shri Summan Dil wala Tabla Maker

Our story

We are working since nearly 1972 And 27 year in Noida(indramarket) has specialized in repairing All kinds of music instruments.Based in Noida,Tarana Musical Instrument Repair has helped musicians across the Delhi NCR keep their instruments healthy. Tarana Start his career in 1972 in kanpur (Ram Narayan bazar) Mr. Amaan Dilwala S/O Mr.Summan Dil wala Tabla Maker .

he proved himself to be a diligent, attentive musical instrument repair expert who is proud to offer affordable service across the Delhi NCR. Our goal is repair and customize musical instruments to help any musicians and musical School to professional.

From music instrument repairs restorations, Tarana Musical Instrument Repair promises superior service from start to finish.

We also offer a wide variety of Tabla,Harmonium ,Dholak, Violins, Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars,Guitar, Drum set etc. including the best prices !

Tarana Musical now comprises 2 retail stores in noida,Delhi Tarana musicians offers friendly service and everything musical for students, parents, and educators. We are proud to be your choice for music!